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                About PPM
                Company History

                November 1995,established Pins & Things (PPM's predecessor)

                November 2001,sold Pins & Things home appliance business to Emerson

                April 2005,established PPM(Shenzhen)Company

                May 2008,espanded PPM-Summit(Wuhan)Company

                March 2012,launched JV with Senior Flexonics

                September 2015, Greenfield site-PPM(Shenzhen) new plant

                October 2015, expanded PPM-PPM(Mexico)Company

                September 2016,acquired German century-old enterprise Aberle to locate manufacture base in Europe

                PPM Solution

                Our company has been pursuing higher power,lower consumption, less emission, and safer driving as a sustained goal for technology development. We focus on core products application on global vehicle platforms and have been highly regarded by customers and society.

                Valve Train
                Fuel System
                Emission System
                Safety System
                Steering System

                About PPM
                Company Profile
                Corporate Culture
                Company History
                Our Structure
                Honor Certificates
                Quality Certificates
                Company Snapshot
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